Monday, November 17, 2008

The Borrowed Garden

*Garden #4 in a series about local gardens. Click here for the Hip Garden, here for the Serving Time Garden, and here for the Well-Tended Garden.

Gardeners: the BYU Eco-Response Club
Size: 1/4 of an acre
Location: just off Center Street on the way to Utah Lake

(The Eco-response club helped w/our strawbale greenhouse)

These apartment dwelling students wanted a garden. So they borrowed some land from a generous local farmer named Shery Goodman. Shery owns Sunspring Ranch. Most of the students ride their bikes to get there.

Once you arrive you must greeeeeet the noisy goats. Theeeeey love it!
Here's the garden at dusk, which is appropriate since these busy students have to squeeze gardening time into their schedules. You go when you can, even when the light is fading fast.
Here's Chandler with some of the produce they grew.
To see pics of their canning marathon "Yes We Can...Carrots" click here!


Rachel G said...

"yes we CAN...carrots!" Ha ha! I love it!

Amy Beatty said...

This is so cool. Those lucky students! I Love strawbale everything!! Our friend has the most beautiful yoga studio her husband made her from strawbale almost like a kiva.