Monday, October 06, 2008

The Hip Garden

*Garden #3 in a series about local gardens. Click here for the Serving Time Garden, and here for the Well-Tended Garden.

Gardeners: Scott & Katri
Size: .3 acres
Location: Maeser Neighborhood

Katri & Scott, both young artists, live in the grooviest-magazine-ready brick pioneer home. But it's their back garden that has captured my heart and held it ransom. "Back Garden, you had me at Hello." The entrance is a long gravel lane which leads to a two-story barn that they converted into beautiful studio space. There are courtyard areas with potted plants; arbors and patios define separate places to party (which they make use of a lot!)

and overlooking it all...

This 10-foot long rhino made by Scott is the coolest garden ornament EVER. It lights up at night.

My first visit to this amazing garden was years ago in the dead of winter. We were invited to sit in their sauna.
Thanks Scott & Katri for having a sauna! p.s. Katri is from Finland, AKA saunaland.

The Haycocks have an orchard of fruit trees, and their veggie patch is HUGE. Momma Mia came with me to take pics and she was impressed. And motivated to grow even more.

Their entire property is wired with lights on a timer. At dusk when it all turns on it's a sort of Bellagio MAGICK, only much classier.
studios at night...
Last night at their Harvest Party
they served food made from their garden's bounty! Laid out on the grass was extra produce and the Haycocks gave us bags to take home whatever we could use. We took beets and carrots.

Sneak peek inside the studios. Scott is part of "Puppet Grinder" which opens for the "Monkey Grinder" show every Halloween at Velour. Talking skeletons and much more.Short of seeing it with your own eyes, this place deserves a more thorough treatment. Andi Andi Andi, do you want to bring your camera? And pitch a piece to a magazine?

Thanks Scott & Katri! You're wonderful hosts!


tam said...

hey wow! I love this scheme of yours: showcasing garden spaces. Theirs is so cute! I love party spaces in gardens. I would never want to leave!

Can't wait to see what you do to your backyard!

djinn said...

makes me homesick for utah. Actually, I am homesick for Utah. If I feel good enough, I'm going to be in Utah for Rick's wedding, though of course I'm not invited. Maybe i could come by with George. You've met him? My sweetie?

pamo said...

...i'm a confused. you had a nice post partially about your dad that i wanted to comment on!!