Friday, July 27, 2007

coming to terms with living in utah valley sometimes necessitates some pretending, especially when you've always been told you must learn to play well with others...

there once was a Girl (really a grown woman) who thought, "Eagle Forum Lady is certifiably scary and in a nightmarish way."

and then Girl thought harder and maybe even a little creatively, "hey i bet i could like Eagle Forum Lady... maybe she could do goofy imitations of political pundits...HUH...and i would win a bet about global warming and make Eagle Forum Lady sneak off to watch the Simpson's Movie and laugh 'cause there's no helping it...she could make fun of nancy pelosi and i would let her and i would talk about cindy sheehan and she would remark on the power of a mother's love."

Maybe Girl would even let Eagle Forum Lady detail her naughty crush on Sean Hannity without gagging.

And Eagle Forum Lady and Girl would help each other weed and mulch their gardens and live happily ever after disagreeing about nearly everything.

And General Population would feel the LOVE.

The End!

1 comment:

rosi said...

Tell that Girl that she is sweet. And just right. love, Another Girl