Thursday, August 23, 2007

susan b gave me this anthropologie apron at lunch today! It's now on record that susan is the most perceptive gift giver! and what did i give her for a nice topic of conversation over lunch? ugh. unfortunately i couldn't stop running my mouth about work related matters.
but in the end did contribute that angelina jolie is parked in front of my sister's swank apartment in chicago FOR DAYS of film shooting. my brother-in-law has been sending me pics because he knows there is no way in haiti that i would forgive him if he didn't. their apartment building was flyered with requests to not distribute photos of the film shoot so i won't share them online. but i do have permission to share pics of Torin as tigger.
Torin with his furry entourage shows no interest in the movie star hooplah...while his dad sits gawking at the window taking pics for auntie quellie.


Shannon said...

I love great gift givers. Ones who give what you really need and like.

sue-donym said...

I loved every minute of our conversation!

Thank you for bestowing on me such an honorable title.