Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Around Provo
Do YOU recognize any of these sights?

is this....crafty piece of work...owned by a male or female?

the owl looks like it has been liquid nailed on.

thank goodness for this reminder...(in case you can't read the stencil it says: "...But Death is Always Certain")

this is a portrait of yours truly on a downtown mural.
it's the only time i've ever been able to pull off wearing the color red.
back story: i told the artist (Asen Balkchiev) that he
...uhhh...made my bosom way too large.
after much complaining we compromised.
you can't tell in this pic but i have one small proper breast
and one Balakchiev (read:ENORMOUS) sized breast.
on a 75' long mural its not easily noticeable
but go check them out. i'm not kidding.

("Actually, you really hurt my feelings")
wheat paste on an electric box near heartbreak central
(800 north 200 east)
how many byu jokers thought this message was intended for them...

i'm always hunting for more
and trust you'll tell me of your finds.


Cassandra Barney said...

Quelicious I have an idea. I just raised my eyebrow.
Call me.

djinn said...

The future's uncertain, and death is always near.

Let it roll, baybee roll....

Wow, Banksy and Raquel and lots of other neat stuff too.

Good to see you--