Monday, September 03, 2007

This is Oliver writing his 1st blog post EVER!
Behind his hand he is smiling good naturedly which is what he always does even when his EVIL wife has done every evil thing she can think of to break his attention. At this point I had given up and was just letting the camera's FLASH go off in his face every few seconds. I have about 57 pics of this exact pose. Uhh...when we order us some kids can i request that they turn out like their father?

And FINALLY, despite many obstacles such as typing one-handed on his wife's girly computer, he finished his first blog post. You can read it here.

And now its my turn to tickle my pretty pink keyboard cover on my sleek silver apple powerbook G4.

This is me with H. She belongs to my lucky brother Marcos and his really cool wife Sheena who are visiting from Tucson for the second time this summer.
I apologize for the dark pic of them. As a very considerate photographer I would never think of using flash in someone's face.

We all went to lunch at a place called Winger's, a restaurant where the menu features a cute little disappointed chicken wishing you would choose something ANYTHING other than what Winger's serves. As everyone ordered Asphalt and Concrete pie H & I decided to leave a bit early and walk home.

Our ambitious route was across the train tracks and through a light industrial area which i used to call
home sweet home.

On our journey we found moss. H loves the texture.

This is H holding the world's largest and heaviest pearl. She found it on the side of the road and lugged the treasure for a mile before we got picked up by Marcos in this beast:
H has been diagnosed with artistic tendencies. A fact which my bro has already many times confided to me. And when H solemnly leans towards me at dinner and conspiratorially whispers how to achieve certain effects--such as how to tap wrinkles into the straw wrapper before taking out the straw--or keep the wrapper wrinkle free...i admit i'm mightily impressed...the kid has methods.

Unbiden, H leaves her mark in clay on the side of the house. We must leave it there. In this pic i think she feels "caught".

H is an artist. through and through.
but she's also a goof.

Nona and H.


Urban Harvester said...

ha ha... your'e so freakin cute..

Shannon said...

Did she really draw that face?

Shannon said...

Did she really draw that picture?