Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday Dinner...
Lace bell-sleeved shirt?
gift from designer/seamstress Becky Neely of Mode Boutique.
5 delicious curry dishes? made by Janice.
Amazing conversation with featured guest Joseph Tainter? organized by Charles.
2 nights of sleepless panic? ALL MINE.
Hmmmmm...when Ollie & i have the privilege of sharing a meal with one of the foremost experts in the fall of civilizations (who was interviewed in the film the 11 Hour) we have opposite responses. i head for the corner, hug my knees to my chest and plead with my brain to rearrange its anxiety-laced thoughts while O'lover...he gets excited & rolls up his sleeves. do you react to all of the peak oil and global warming news?


Urban Harvester said...

Quel, the only thing that resolves the depression I feel about the problematic reality of what is happening to our environment and to our worlds energy supply is the thought that there is a solution out there for humanity and for the Earth. And I think that what we really need to get from what Joseph Tainter is saying to us is that we can learn from the mistakes of past human societies by knowing what they were. And what I think the bottom line is, is that the Roman Empire, the American Empire and other societies like them - past and present - invented complex solutions to human problems rather than learn from, utilize and appropriate the plethora elegant, simple patterns nature has evolved to allow for groups of beings to thrive and be happy.

So what I take heart in is we can learn from nature, help others to learn from it, and together change the direction of our culture from a complex, de-generative future, to a simple and abundant one.

d/b/c/m said...

love the shirt--you are so exotically pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am more worried about there being too much oil and not enough OXYGEN!! "They" are always finding more oil, and this might actually distract us from the degradation of air! (Okay, I know, it isn't fooling YOU, but, you see what I'm saying, right?) We shouldn't be relying on it so we shouldn't call attention to there not being enough. That's what I think. And, I think you look very cute. Love, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Okay, Anonymous = Tammy

tam said...

Can I really log in with just my google login id and password? (If this shows up then the answer is yes!)