Sunday, November 04, 2007

since i quit my director position i've liked it so much better...and keep working. it's kind of like saying goodbye to an exquisite sunset or a soon to be ex-flame. yes, our time together is almost over...but boy do i like you and want to hold on. and this is where an ability to remember your reasons for choosing something else would come in handy. unfortunately, that ability is not at the top of my toolbox. so this might sound a bit kindergartenish to most but hey, didn't we learn all the important stuff in kindergarten?
Put your own oxygen mask on first.
to keep yourself from being a shallow puddle about to evaporate you need to do what it takes to replenish your own waters before trying to water anyone else. (for me this means...MAKE some ART and hang out in the hot tub.)

Look at the big picture.
get an aerial view of your life in its proper context. figure out why you are where you are and reassess. (for me, i realized i was acting on very old ambitions that needed a serious update.)

Map it out. this is where Oliver alters a gardening solution and brilliantly applies it to your non-gardening complaints. with his mesmerizing wavy lines he draws a super cool diagram. you divide your life into zones- which are slightly different for everybody. zone 0 is yourself and includes spiritual and physical health. zone 1- your immediate surroundings, your family and closest friends. zone 2- your garden and other important relationships, zone 3- work/community life. the zones also have sectors which would definitely vary greatly from person to person. all zones must be balanced and addressed frequently and zone 0 has priority over zone 1, zone 1 over zone 2 and so forth. if you place too much emphasis in one zone the rest will suffer. (for me this means going on a project by project basis at work and putting more emphasis on zones 0-2.)

Now Get Your Groove Back.
this is the most exciting part.


andi said...

OK - Having spent many hours flying with small children, I think about the oxygen mask metephor A LOT. It's like I need my own personal life attendant reminding me daily to place the mask over my own nose and face before assisting those around me. (Did I mention I have a step daughter getting married the day after Christmas to someone she met 10 minutes ago?)

d/b/c/m said...

take reiki classes! i'm so in love. it has renewed energy i had forgotten existed.

good for you for preparing to do NEW adventurous things with your life!

Geo said...

Any Reiki classes in Provo?

Quel said...

andi, so who did Katie fall for?! He must be an amazing guy. Is he worthy?

brooke, i'm so glad you like your reiki classes! i'm excited to hear more.

geo, i know people who have enrolled in classes in salt lake. not sure about provo. i'll let you know if i find anything out.