Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mr T, aka the LIGHT OF MY LIFE, just celebrated
birthday numero uno!

The kickoff party was with a bunch of med students. (I don't recognize this lot.) He went from lap to lap opening gifts. Then the next day Mr T chilled at the dinosaur museum. Notice the man in the background. I have nicknamed him "peter" as in pan as in i never want to grow up and am way too intently diggin' up some pretend dino bones.
In a mere five days Mr T will be having yet another birthday shindig...HERE! in Provo, Utah. in our cozy lime green cottage, next door to sir whistler and across the street from the man who hikes the Y everyday, and just over the alley from the guy who's married to his upteenth wife, and around the corner from the bonnie lady whom we call "the treatmeister" because she just won't stop giving us TREATS (once she left an antique swiss spinning wheel on our back step).

Mr. T's auntie quellie who can't hardly wait

p.s. thanks for the pix Chris!

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