Friday, December 07, 2007

Sitting in the kitchen, waiting for a peach cobbler to come out of the oven...Is it just me or are our computers kissing? How very indecent! They're not even the same species! Not to play into the apple vs. pc debate but James sometimes swears at his laptop while my sweet laptop gets nothing but love from me.

So tonight O'lover and I braved the rain and went on the gallery stroll. We met up with James at Coleman Studios.'s only occurring to me right now that we forgot our car downtown. James gave us a ride home after three hours of meeting up with people and looking at art. And we did a lot of shopping too.

Here's a pic of the Gallery One.Ten where we emptied our wallets at their Art Market.
James and Alfred strike a pose at the new Muse Cafe.
Rebecca and Ryan Neely celebrated their one year anniversary for MODE boutique today. Congrats! i just offered them some work as gallery stroll coordinators. they said "yes!" They will take the gallery stroll to a new level.
Maht and Liz Paulos at their shop, Coal Umbrella. Today was the grand opening. The place looks amazing!
Ok, the following couple/partners in Coal Umbrella... They are so cute it stings. I never remember their names because I'm so distracted by their hair. There must be a way to splice my hair genes with theirs so my kids have an improved chance of getting some curls.
Fun people. Great art. And this wasn't even the half of it.


Sue said...

I love how your computers are making out ;>

james said...

my computer is acting strange this morning, i think it misses the apple

sue-donym said...

Fabulous night. The art show at 110 was awesome.


Geo said...

James and Alfred look smashing together.

d/b/c/m said...

that warmed me. i love the creativity floating through that post.

andi said...

Hey, do you think that last pair would just sell me an embryo? Unless their brains are as twisted as their hair. I guess this is why I could never have Ben Huff's kids -- too hard to isolate that hair gene. Luckily, I went for the seritonin gene ... and got it!

Quel said...

sue and james- who am i to stand in the way of love? even if it is just a case of opposites attract?

sue-donym- i wish we'd bumped into each other! and i haven't seen richard in far too long.

geo- so true. but james would look good with almost any painting.

thanks brooke!

andi- hahahahahahahahahahahaha. and ha. i agree the serotonin gene is far more indispensable. and marco helped make some absolutely gorgeous and happy kiddos. oh my gosh. thanks for the good laugh.