Friday, December 21, 2007

when we bought our pioneer house we thought the first thing we'd do was paint the exterior. we collected every color sample from home depot, lowe's, kwall's, jones paint and glass.

and then we bought this book.
and this book.
and this one.
even after road trips to collect grasses and take pix of the mountains in certain light, and jenny n, (our neighborhood's resident interior designer) driving me all over trying to trigger a "YES!" and ollie and i taking pics in the avenues and sugarhouse...

our house is still this color.i call it lime sherbet.

A lovely 97 year old woman named Florence Curtis lived here before us. She was a bridge player, on the beautification committee for downtown provo, her birthday was the same day as our anniversary, she went skydiving when she was in her eighties. her husband passed away in this house. and seven years ago when "paint your heart out" offered to paint her house she refused to let anyone select a new color.

it has always been the same shade.

and bless Florence, it might always remain. the truth is it's grown on me.

anyone need to borrow some paint books??


Geo said...

Florence Green looks alright to me.

sue-donym said...

It has grown on me too. I love your front porch and stone walkway.

The color cries "whimsy", just like you.

AzĂșcar said...

One of my favorite houses in P to the Vo is mint green. It's not subtle, it's MINT. I want it. I'd love it. I'd never paint it.

One of my other favorite houses is a slightly more subtle mint--faded mint-aqua? I wouldn't paint that one either.

Lime Sherbet is alright by me.

Please, please tell O-lover how kind he was to send a long the deliciousness. I had a long talk with my husband. He won't toss the bottle and I can use it to cook just for my friends.

Alright by me.