Tuesday, January 08, 2008

here are some stills from a short that won us that prize & that went with the song that bjork sang.

i have mountains of respect for film makers. especially after o'lover and i got a tiny taste of their world when we had a wild idea to participate in one of those film contests. the kind where you pick a genre and a mandatory statement out of a hat and run around trying to come up with any half-baked idea and return a few hours later with SOMETHING.

the genre that chose us was "science fiction"

our statement was "excuse me sir, is this your pancreas?"

our idea was that everyone on the planet died except for one lady who miraculously survived, kinda went crazy, and decided to repopulate the world with little dolls. so handy that i happen to have a bunch of dolls.

it was so much fun traipsing around Satan's Land (graffiti central). and it was super fun to spray paint our outlandish statement onto a concrete wall.

but it was not fun wincing and holding my breath while viewing our movie on the big screen during the showing
and in retrospect i do think i could have ACTED a little sad that i was the only one left alive after the apocalyse.

would have been so lonely without you


luminainfinite said...

yes! wincing while watching your film is the price of fame!

you're so prolific. inspiring.

homegrown said...

ooo, this looks really nice. I have been to Satan's Land a few years back, but i used to call it Devil's land. Same place. I would like to see the film sometime, however! thanks!