Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last summer we worked on diggin' a pond. We filled the deepest part with H2O and when the ducks discovered it...PARTY CENTRAL! The ladies have such individual personalities. Campbell is always the first one in and the last one out of the water. Pewter is the most cautious and hesitant.Yesterday it was warm enough to let the ducks out of the strawbale greenhouse which has been their winter home. With no heater it was a comfortable 70 degrees in there! Outside it was a refreshing 48 degrees.

In the pic below, Pewter is the last in line. Khaki will do whatever Campbell wants to do, while Pewter needs to be convinced first.
Pewter is all healed up from Farmer trying to play with her (as his chew toy) last November. Sometimes having animals can be very expensive. Ouch! those vet bills!
Here they're trotting back to their summer home. It's so funny to see their little tracks in the snow.

Remembering when they slept in the chicken tractor... Good times.

The hens didn't come out of the greenhouse even though i left the door wide open for them. I guess they were so glad to have the place to themselves!


mirjam said...

Oh, you make me long for spring and summer. I am always torn between frustration and delight when I think of our garden... And this year I won't even be here to plant one. But I do want to see yours!

Quel said...


i love your garden. you do so much that i want to do. including leaving the country...