Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I keep feeling a compulsion to reveal EVERYTHING on my blog. If you only knew. For instance, let me tell you about a jar full of amber-colored ear wax (whispering aside: o- my preciousssss jar). Or why stop with me?? Let me tell you about OTHER people. like how one of my crazy bosses thinks all crimes are committed by coffee drinkers (suedonym can you guess who that is? and dare i not delete?) Or do you want to hear about my sister's habit of chewing gum found on sidewalks and garbage cans or my mom's midnight drives during which she hunts down and zooms through red lights?*

The condition called "Blogger's Regret" is not pretty. Especially not for the O'lover who has to live with the adverse effects of Blogger's Regret along with me. oh the nagging...

"Hey Ollllie?"
"Is it okay that I just told the whole world that I am a better driver than they are?"
Raquel, you are so cheeky.

along with the second guessing there's the cold sweats, the acid reflux, the flashbacks. and will any future employer who found this blog find me employable? what if they know about my hitchhiking? and all those times I got arrested? (shhhh...) and is it okay that i don't want to put things into context even though it might help you love me...or let me house sit?

what gives me comfort is that at least with O'lover it's a done deal.
signed, sealed, and delivered.
through thick and thin.
for richer or poorer.
whether over divulging or being circumspect...


but for the rest of you dear readers (whomever you might be) whom i want to woo... i propose stress free blogging. i like the sound of that already. no more Blogger's Regret.

And people. I am OWNING it. (no more putting up and taking down posts or bugging Oliver.)

And I am announcing my new play date...with a stranger named Discretion.

From here on out it's about art and growing food. and if i let certain facts slip now and then- like how i used to smoke q-tips...PLEASE-O-PLEASE forgive. relapses are bound to happen.

How about the rest of you? Ever wondered if you've told cyberspace too much? For the record I've never thought that YOU have.


itchin to delete the whole thang


susan said...

You could house sit for me or watch my most valuable delightful little son...ANYTIME! I love you.

sue-donym said...

I will be sorely dissapointed if you start filtering. It just will not be YOU.

I must hear more about the crimes of coffee drinkers. Is that why they call it chock full o' nuts?

P.S. I am holding your Christmas present hostage along with a great magazine until we go to lunch.

Amber said...

This is so funny!

Alas, filtering is all too easy for me to do, as I worry too much about offending my family. I love them too much and see them so infrequently that I'd prefer to keep the peace. I occasionally seek out secret anonymous sources to publicly vent, though. I am a talker.

(P.S. I'm pretty sure I found your blog through Emily Potter... but I don't know. I really admire your homesteading, and hope to follow suit when we can one day afford a place of our own.)

Quel said...

Susan- I love you too.

Sue-donym- haha! chock full of nuts...O-those blasted coffee drinkers and their criminal ways. (chock full of sarcasm). but for the record, everyone was making fun of this certain silly anti-coffee-drinkers-person, not just me. more later when we have that lunch and you turn over the hostages. Yay for Christmas in February!

amber- emily potter is my favorite person that i've never met. (i know lumina from the golden days.) i've read lots of your blog (your new one not just your old one) and would love to meet you.

d/b/c/m said...

i love your honesty and think more highly of you for it.

but, i have the same inclinations and second guess myself all the time. i have told myself many times that i'm not going to blog anymore, but i always go back. i need to spew my existence to the world somewhere. and who wants to hear my spewing in real life? (although dave more than his fair share, bless his soul). anyway, blogging is such an intense world, but i'm glad for the connections.

what a ramble...i hope that made sense.

Quel said...


i hear you. very. well. and i love that blogging reconnected me to you. seriously. where have you been all these years? i look at your blog and kinda know the answer and also know that there's so much more that i still don't know. wow. you ended up stealing a ride to medford. wow.

it's funny because most of my friends do not have blogs, nor do they read blogs and i get so inpatient, like blogs are a shortcut to more in depth conversations. so in a strange way i feel closer to bloggers than to the people i love that i don't have time to see (unless they don't mind that i come to their house in the middle of the night during a bout of insomnia, in pajamas.)and i think this is why i feel that compulsion to share soooo much more than i already do. but then i remember that anyone can read this and what if i want to be dignified some day? (gotta keep my options open.) and i found out that i can google my name and come to this blog through one of ollie's blogs. so yikes.

how's that for rambling?


pamo said...

i feel like i'm too honest in general and that it drives people away in all aspects of my life. and as this is all about being open, i feel rejected by lots and lots of people and its sad because i love almost everyone.

see what your post makes people do? spill it.

love your blog, love your realness.

Moonbird said...

I relate quite thoroughly to what you have written here.

Mossie said...

I *frequently* reveal too much on my blog. Often. Maybe even always.

Gratefully I have managed to restrain myself from blogging about my workplace. Except for one post hopefully vague enough to keep me from being dooced.

Keep posting. I'll keep reading. Even if you don't use titles on your posts. I like knowing that such a fun, vivacious person lives in Utah County, where my own vivacious maternal grandmother was born before moving to Oregon after nursing school.

d/b/c/m said...

i'm totally with you on all of the above. and, now i REALLY wish i lived by you because i have bouts of insomnia too and would love to have late night fiestas. it makes me feel like a looser to be awake alone in the middle of the night wasting time doing insignificant things because i'm too tired to do anything productive, but too restless to sleep. someday i'll hitch and you can balloon somewhere for a girls weekend somewhere where art and 24 cafes are abundant.

Quel said...

pamo- you are so very cool and your honesty works. i thoroughly love your blog and the life you've created and to be perfectly truthful i would love to make empanadas with you sometime. you, me, suz, and the kids. you are so busy but we've got to do this!

moonbird- yes! i know lumi will be in town and we are so going to party.

mossie- i think we have several people in common, james, jeanie, and tara. did you know that?

b, name that magical 24-hour place and i am so there! by bike, by skateboard, by boat, by thumb. oh yeah or by balloon!

Suzy said...

You're fun!