Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our pal Magnus is in town! Magnus, who usually lives in Norway. Magnus, the guy on the right sandwiched by beautiful girls. Magnus, who once walked across Iceland, and does back & front flips in your peripheral vision.
We had dinner at our house and then walked through the block to Kirsten's for desert.

Me and Laura-of-the-great-facial-structure that can showcase the best short haircuts like another vixen in the valley. Laura and I both thought O'lover's apple cobbler was transcendent.
O'lover channeled Nigella Lawson & Jamie Oliver (his most recent favorite foodies) and made us a great pot roast. I carved up one of our last pumpkins and made a Camille Kingsolver soup from that book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Kirsten baked a cake spiked with plum juice that she had harvested from her neighbor's tree.
There was more good food to describe but i've gotta go check the fridge for something.


d/b/c/m said...

house company and food all look divine!!!

ZLB said...

dear raquel
last night as i was falling asleep i was thinking about you and your ollie and how you two are some of my top heroes. and then reading your blog i'm hit with it all over again. you are such amazing, spirited, creative, righteous, rockin', ecosapiens! thanks for just being so freaking great. xoxo

compulsiver writer said...

Lovely to meet you IRL today!

luminainfinite said...

Hi Magnus!

Quel said...

dear z- those words, coming from you make me so shout it from the roof tops happy! it made my day and ollie's too!

compulsive, it was fabulous to meet you. i liked you from the start of the meeting and was so amazed to find out i already knew you from the blogosphere!

Quel said...

dear lumina, hi to you! i told suz that you were coming this spring and she is very very thrilled to see you so soon. anxiously awaiting june.