Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Yard

The soft fluffy snow has melted leaving behind a shelf of slushy ice and a lot of soggy muck. the kind of muck that swallows garden tools. and slurps at your wellies. But the crocuses and hyacinths are already showing their heads. The mule deer in our back yard are LOVING them.

Right now i'm daydreaming about drier days of full bloom in the garden and how we'll soon be able to get back out there!

These pix are from our first summer at the cottage.

First thing we did was lay out the square foot gardening plots with cement blocks that were going to be thrown away.
and put in the trellises
and made six foot tall tomato cages with space for compost in the middle to give off heat and extend the growing season.
We tried the three sisters growing method. Corn provides a framework for the beans and squash to grow on.
See how the zucchini i'm holding grew into an O? It stands for O'lover.O'lover studied a lot about plant guilds. Before then I hadn't realized the secret soap opera life of picky plants. There is high drama in gardening! Family feuds/ alliances the whole sordid shabang. We try to focus on peace and companionship in the garden and not grow cabbage or broccoli next to the strawberries.
It's fun to look at these early pix and think about how two summers later the plants were much more established. Another difference is we started using well rotted straw as mulch. last summer we converted much of our lawn (about three times as much space) into garden areas. But this year we also have a daily-more-enormous dog to contend with. And remember how we named him "farmer" because he likes to dig? Yikes.

How is your garden going to grow??


d/b/c/m said...

ahh, looks like heaven!

i'm getting excited for my little 10x3 foot wide garden to be populated again! i'm anxious to see flowers outside of my kitchen window.

pamo said...

we have tried a garden 3 times, but it ended up being a vegetable graveyard. a place where things go to die. i'm just overwhelmed looking at your pics.

Quel said...

b, isn't it so unbelievably amazing that seeds can grow? it's a miracle. you're so lucky that your climate allows you to start sooner.

pamo, yeah, gardens can strap you down here in dry Provo. one vacation or distraction and it's over. at least the soil benefits from the veggie's death.

sue-donym said...

You have no idea how much hope those pics gave me. Bless you.

Quel said...

yeah, it's hard to believe the inversions and cold will ever end. won't it be nice to drive your convertible with the top down?
and can i go for a ride when you do?

sue-donym said...