Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thumbing through recent pix i'm struck with gratitude for all things COLORFUL.

Ollie was considering whether or not to organize our books by color or topic. I'm glad he chose the rainbow. I think my lunch looks like a bowl full of cabbage fireworks. savory...
Ashley is full to the brim with wit and her brilliance overfloweth. she is the granddaughter of one of my favorites. Neal A. Maxwell. Ashley's hair color changes a lot. You can read her thoughts and see a different hair color here.
Sus KB lent me a stack of Art News. Because art school friends don't let art school friends lapse into arter darkness. signed,
where is my copy of Stitch 'n'Bitch? What color is the cover? crap.


mirjam said...

Our books are also arranged according to color, which has been great fun and challenging, when I am looking for something specific. But it does dress the room.

Amber said...

Have you found it yet? The Stitch'n'Bitch cover is on the Salmon side of orange.

Our books are not color arranged, but they are by topic and size. The color mismatch goes with the crazy quilt on our bed, though.