Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lumina was here.

and it was a dream.

and it's taking me ten billion years to try to paint a picture of what Lumi is like.

i haven't touched the room she stayed in because that could be bad luck against my secret plan to have her return. Plus that room now has the most pleasant beautiful scent. AND IT MUST NOT BE DISTURBED. Some people have the most amazing scent. AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT. and i am reminding myself that i just read the twilight series. but still need to back off the whole scent-of-a-human thing.

But it really was nice to have lumina here. she is the most fun you'll have. and she has so many stories because she does all the things i dream about doing. like wouldn't it be nice to teach at a university in Seoul and then get to know everything about Asia because you're always on an excursion and you just ran the half marathon on the Great Wall of China. and you have thousands of friends because everywhere you go people see your vivaciousness and want to be near you.

Lumina and Sus at Gallery OneTen where Lumina taught us how to do Korean brush painting.

Here's she's planting a "lumina" plant in our garden. It will produce white glowing pumpkins. And i swiped this pic from lumina because i love it!
she's off to boston, her new home, where she will undoubtedly make her mark in the art world as an artist and gallery owner.


d/b/c/m said...

although i don't know her i think she is positively adorable and captivating and i LOVE her name (to the extent of considering it for our next bumpkin).

luminainfinite said...

it has been my life's ambition to be remembered for smelling good...darling Raquel, i hereby publicly recognize your talent for helping people to live out their life ambitions, by working your butt off to provide the perfect space for them to do so. I will return soon for more of you and Oliver, and please post some of the earth goddess photos i took of you in the garden, the ones where the sun is illuminating your hair like a halo. do it now. please. thank you.