Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today in the Studio

Hey ollie?
I’m turning into Bob Ross.
Fine. then I’m turning into Thomas Kincaid.

And then Ollie gave me a high five.

Did you know that high five’s could be sarcastic?
Did you know that I could paint happy gardens (instead of the usual trouble.)?


wendyhcd said...

if your painted garden is half as beautiful as you are in the picture (and the pic is true to life, i might add), then it must be a knock-out. i miss your gorgeousness.

Quel said...

thanks wenderful. really thanks.

sue-donym said...

Can I have a copy of that picture framed for my home? Seriously, you look stunning!

Seriously. That is what I want for my first day of summer gift.

Quel said...

sue-donym, yes, happy first day of summer! and thanks for the compliment. i needed it! i'm pretty fragile lately because i have to wear a hat everywhere i go because of my awesome (there's some sarcasm for ya!) photosensitivity probs which i've already told you about but for anyone else reading this comment...i'm really sensitive to sunlight which means i have to wear sunglasses and squint (and the wide brimmed hat) so undercover.

Azúcar said...

Was it a happy little tree?

d/b/c/m said...

wow! beautiful you! you're totally distracting from your beautiful painting.

Quel said...

azucar, oh yes it was! bob ross would be proud!

b- thank you mrs. beauty queen.