Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pole Dancing

Sometimes you try to resist writing a misleading title but you just have to go with it.

But speaking of my supposed pole dancers...i've planted pole beans three times before I got smart and called Meredith. She told me i had "cut worm" and to put little cups around them. So I cut out the bottom of these fancy disney cups (where did i get them?) and sure enough these beans will have a fighting chance. Damn those millions of soil predators (but thanks for all the work you little guys do to make the soil ALIVE and healthy.)

Life in the garden can be so perilous and a grower needs to give a helping hand.

And how's this for a bumper sticker?- If you don't think gardening is sexy then you're not doing it right.


p.s. just watched a 65-ish woman ride her long board past the cottage. i love my neighborhood.

p.p.s. i long to study agronomy...big time.


Lois said...

Oh my gosh, I totally want to be the 65-year-old long board woman! As I tell my kids, everything you do is adorable as long as you're under 10 or over 60.

Hope your dog recovers quickly.

Enjoy that garden!

chiggyz said...

O.K. Gritty Pretty--I had so much fun at your place on Sunday. Your garden is truly a work of art-magnificent. I am so impressed. I love your tree house and you and Ollie are adorable. I hope that Farmer gets well soon. I bet our brothers were at DLI together. Thanks again and good luck with your pole dancing. Lol!

Beehive Bazaar said...

I want one of those bumper stickers!

pamo said...

my mom totally grows those pole beans. they're delicious - i'm glad yours are going to work out.

Cassandra Barney said...

I totally need to come and sit in your garden...maybe at your knee and learn.

mfranti said...

what? i don't have to give up my longboard because i'm 34?

this is great news.

Suzy said...

Still savoring how fun it was in your garden and in your home. . .

somebody's mother said...

So now, keep an eye on those pole dancers. They'll all dance the same direction! Each climbing/twining plant species has a distinct preference for either clockwise or counter-clockwise twining. You can tease them by wrapping them the other direction, but then they will go right back to the way they were growing before. Just a little tidbit you can use at your next garden chat.

Keep up the great work in your garden. MS

Suzy said...

Hoping you guys are doing well since you haven't posted for a while!! Especially hope Farmer is getting better. Let us know!! Much love, Suzy and family

Sarah Jane said...

Your Facebook led me to your blog a while ago and I love it! I just wanted to let you know it's one of my favorites. I'm glad I found it because I'm not sure I would have realized how neat you were otherwise.

Sarah (Barley)

K said...

Dear Ms. R -

Thank you for the Farmer's Market. I have been blogging on it for a couple of weeks and thought you might like to see the pictures. It's just a family blog and isn't supposed to come up on google- but hopefully has brought a bunch of my buds down to help keep the place vital. Loads of fun, and we've made some friends among the vendors. Actually, it's cast a splendid sweetness on summer for us this year. Again, thanks -