Thursday, September 04, 2008


The other day someone had left a stack of zucchini at our front door.

i was in utter disbelief at the rudeness.

and was complaining to my mum-in-law when she told me. that's your zucchini. i picked it for you.

oh. haha.

well, maybe i won't plant so many zuchs next year.

what i did plant this year- 3 dwarf peach trees, a chinese sweet pit apricot, 2 plums, 2 walnuts that we will keep pruned short, and we'd ordered pears but they never came in and the nursery finally sent us an explanation & apology. we also planted a fig tree which O'lover will be transplanting to a spot in our greenhouse along with a banana tree and dwarf lime.

see the fruit on the dwarf peach? i plucked most of the blossoms off so the tree could concentrate on its roots.

the ladies are happy in their pen eating their daily allotment of watermelon from their gracious fairy god mother of high quality kitchen scraps (mum-in-law).

the sweet potatoes are flourishing but need a long season...hopefully they'll get it.fall crop of detroit beets, rainbow chard, golden chard, etc are coming in and need to be thinned into our salads.
when the bugs eat we call it paying tithing. some of the garden needs to go back to the creatures that live there, besides us. and this chinese cabbage has paid tithing.
For next year: the biggest realization this year has been how shady our yard is. We've opened up a lot of our garden by cutting down a wall of tall junipers and pruning Hagrid but it's still so shady. Also, it's been a short season with a long cool spring which delayed soil temps, stunting the eggplants and slowing down everything else. next year i'll pull out most of the volunteer sunflowers as they create way too much shade. We're also considering getting that permeable black fabric to help heat up the soil.

Anyone have any other ideas?


somebody's mother said...

Oh, I think everything looks great! Your grandpa is very pleased, I'm sure.

lol about the zucchini. I pick mine pretty small, but it still gets ahead of me sometimes. My kids have warned me that I had better not "zucchini bomb" anyone, so I have to deal with the zuke bounty on my own. A person can only eat so much cream of zucchini soup, even if it is fabulous!

Geo said...

I just had an idea about offering to come and live in your treehouse, but that's probably not the sort of idea you were looking for.