Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jail Time!

I'm going to jail tomorrow morning with Adrian Hinton, the Horticulture Agent for Utah County. He's granted me an interview at Utah County Jail gardens! The inmates grow vegetables! I think this is a very cool program. Stay tuned...

I'm so excited!!

i just gave O'lover a heart attack when i instant messaged him that i was going to jail. one of our first dates was him bailing me out of the very facility i'll be visiting tomorrow. sorry Ollie!


Urban Harvester said...

So Raquel just texted me:

"guess what!
i'm going to jail!"

I of course start panicking, already sleep deprived at work...

"oliver: what?

So I immediately call...

Raquel: read about it on my blog, k?

oliver: huh?... uh... ok

"oliver: oh jeeeze

Raquel: hahaha

oliver: you almost gave me a heart attack

Raquel: i'm sorry

oliver: its gonna take ma a half hour to calm down


What am I going to do with you Raquel... Still trying to calm my heart rate down.

;) (life is so entertaining around you!)

Geo said...

WOW!!!!! So, you're taking a recorder, right? That's so exciting! Go get some good stories.

Geo said...

Ack, really, you've GOT to record them!

(Won't sleep tonight for the vicarious thrills.)

somebody's mother said...

I think you should blog about that date!

Quel said...

dear geo, i'm back from the interview and it was as wonderful as you and i would hope! More soon...

dear somebody's mother,
if i blog about the date/jail bail out it will be terribly anti-climatic. i'll tell you in person, k?

Angie said...

Raquel, I love your blog. It makes me hungry and it makes me laugh- two very good sensations.

Btw, I felt so bad leaving you and Farmer the other night! I hope he's doing better.