Sunday, October 12, 2008


These are pics of a typical daily harvest. They are a thing of the past. Last night was the first hard frost in my area. All the summer crops, ripe or not, were brought in. And now you can barely walk in the kitchen and there's certainly no room on the counters. Because there is food EVERYWHERE.

And that is what cheers the soul.


Alan said...

In my community there is a conservative candidate with a big sign proclaiming support from the pro-life group and the concealed carry/anti-gun control group. Guess he is pro single teenage parents and wants to send all the babies home with their own handgun to ensure they have the right to a good life.

You've picked a tough town to be a liberal in. I couldn't do it.

Amy Beatty said...

You have got to be the sweetest person ever. I think you are very inspiring and lovely. And I'm jealous of your garden, but you surly earned it by doing all the hard work. My husband showed me your blog and I love it!! by the way, you might not know me. we leave around the corner behind the church in a little white house. I met you once at church when you taught my daughter Bella and a few weeks ago at the farmers market. I'm hoping to run into you some more before the farmers market season is over.

Quel said...

hey alan,
you are living the dream. i really respect all of your political opinions. thanks for commenting.

amy! of course i know you. i have pics of bella with her bright red sparkly shoes. you guys are the best. thanks for commenting!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness. So, I read your lovely (ok, I focused on the cavity-free mouth, the pride in your father and his attitude towards a world that seemed to have missed the 'Do unto others...'day in church, your conviction, and your unwillingness to let your voice be drowned out.) post from a couple days ago and then read the comments and then skipped over to that other blog and then just had all of the goodness and cheer I absorb from your blog sucked out of me.
I forget too often how sheltered I was from these kinds of people during my childhood in Southern California. Sure, there was prejudice, but I always felt like those people were the minority. Then I read ignorant comments like the ones left for that blogger and I just feel sick. These people not only exist, but there are tons of them. In fact, maybe I/we are the minority and that just makes me want to cry.
Don't tell Tam, but maybe I'm going to have to agree with some of that stuff she said while I was in Provo (although of course the ignorance reaches far beyond the one group we discussed.)

Ugh, ugh, ugh.

By the way, our 'farmer's market' ended this weekend. Why don't you bring me some goodies from your garden? The only thing local you can get here is bison, deer, and onions. True, one could make a meal of that, but something green would be nice, too!

Chandelle said...

Oh Raquel, that is just sad! It is so hard to speak strongly about any political opinion at all, especially during election season! It seems that we are no longer capable of civil discourse in our culture (and I'm including myself here, because I struggle with it as much as anyone).

The Zimmermans said...


I've had several email exchanges with the opposite camp -- I think we're at the age when this stuff becomes more important to us, eh? I share your passion for food. Tcau.

Mark said...

Thanks so much for the lumina pumpkin! I can't wait to see if it really glows tonight. You are so nice. I went by your house today to tell you that but you weren't home. The bees on your property told me so. (also, nobody answered when I knocked.)
So I'm experimenting in the kitchen right now and making some vegan cupcake-muffins. If they turn out I'm going to bring some over.

Becky said...

People are ridiculous! I just wish they could see/hear themselves from another perspective and understand how awful they are. I am sorry people were mean to you. I had to quit reading some of those comments (it makes me want to give up orange juice) and think happy thoughts for a while. And just so you know Nate and I are registered voters in California and have been planning from the beginning to vote no on Prop 8. *collective gasp from my family members* (You two lovely dovey birds should move back to California with us! You are the best!)

Sue said...

I admire your fortitude. I'm a total political coward. I don't like debating, because I get emotionally involved and it usually gets ugly - so I just don't do it. Ever. But then I feel like a coward for never voicing my opinion, for letting people think I agree with them. Sometimes I will make a comment if I think it won't lead to a war.

I'll say it now though: I'm dismayed by the church's position on Prop 8 and gay marriage in general and have been for a long time. I'm dismayed by the way everyone at church assumes that we all agree.

I would say more, but, see, here I go again with the political/moral cowardice. I just don't like fighting, and on this issue, there are just so, so, so many people around to disagree with.

Thanks for writing about your father - it was very touching.

djinn said...

How do I post a comment on a as-yet-commentless post? Anyway, this should prob. be thought of as a drive-by because i just discovered that youtube put up the previously censored version of one of my all time favorite Courtney Love/Hole songs up, like 15 years after it came up. Ollie! I think you'd love it! Drown Soda at my blog. Fun for all.

djinn said...

Raquel!!! Yay!!!!! Remember you and Ollie spent the sad sad night at my house four years ago when Bush won again? I was so glad I wasn't alone in my grief. Today, though, I am so happy I feel like bursting out into cliches! Change we can believe in! Morning in America! Tippacanoe and Tyler too!

CuriousSmith said...

My Dear Sister,
I really miss reading your blog updates. Please know that not everyone in life will always agree with you. That's what makes life so damn interesting. Your blog helps make life a little bit nicer for everyone who reads it. Keep it up! Smitty