Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sustainable ginger bread houses

The New York Times wrote an article about green-inspired gingerbread houses.

Such as this one:

And this one:
So clever and timely with their windmills and solar panels!

But, like a proud mum, i'm partial to the passive solar homestead i designed for Provo's candy windows.
with a raised bed winter garden, notice the coldframe.
dear reader, beware the effects of working with stale candy nonstop for a full week-- my mind is recreating everything i see into candy. it's like a trippy video game that doesn't stop when you close your eyes.



chiggyz said...

My kids love your candy window. It is by far their favorite one. I love it too. It's amazing. What patience. The design is awesome too. You are a true artist!!!

Rachel G said...

I love how the candy house turned out!! So glad to finally see a picture. I LOVE gingerbread houses. I think my new tradition making one every Christmas season. I made one this year (using a kit I got at Trader Joe's). Yummy times.

andi said...

I cannot believe you made this thing! Did you know it has long been a dream of mine to do a candy window of the Eiffel tower out of candy canes. Sign me up next year!

wendyhcd said...

you rock, Q. like rock candy. you still make the top of my most creative friends list. i want to eat all that candy. i hope you guys got our Christmas card. can't wait to see what you deconstructed for the holidays in your house. in real life. i miss you.