Friday, January 16, 2009

the snow has piled up outside

and plaster dust has been falling inside.

i'm taking a tiny break from construction and ordering a year's supply of high quality heirloom seeds from the company of sound reputation.

pondering how to plant our bit of earth...

we're loyal to the delicious constellations of the "moon & stars" watermelons

and there are so many new-to-us plants to try!

such as this lakota sioux winter squash.

what will you be planting this spring?


tam said...

Are those your plants or examples of the seeds they sell?
How is your greenhouse?
Torin just took my credit card and hid it. Wise two-year-old.
I'm dying for pics of your reconstruction!

d/b/c/m said...

cool watermelon! do they all turn out like that?

i'm going to plant bugambilia in the front yard and tons of peas in the back. we don't have much space and we can never get enough peas! i wish we had more sun for tomatoes...

pamo said...

hmm. what will i be planting. not sure. perhaps i will just have to live vicariously through your garden. that is by looking at your blog.

Nadia said...

I love the watermelon! So what are you working on in the cottage this winter?

Quel said...

tam, the suspense is killing me! i can't wait to finish construction!!

b, yes, all the watermelons turn out like that. we've been growing them for years. they reseed themselves, and they taste great even if they're not fully ripe. for kicks, this year we're ordering seeds and started them in the greenhouse so they have a chance to get big. ohhhhhhhhhh, bugambilia! the flowers! please post pix!

pamo, do i need to come up there and force your hand?? please oh please plant something. i don't know why i'm begging, but PLEASE?

nadia! hey! so great to hear from you! my hint about the construction is we're reactivating attic space. pix soon! i'm off to catch up with you on your blog that i didn't know you had until just now!

pamo, please? (whisper)