Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Favorite Enablers and Vandal

The cold frames enable a head start in the garden.But they also helped the chard overwinter and diggin' around I am still finding tasty carrots and turnips everywhere.

As you know, our ladies spend the winter in the greenhouse coop. Our hen Bridget, also known as "Resident Vandal", ate our December crop of salad greens when she flew straight up six feet out of the chicken coop (an astonishing feat!) onto the greenhouse loft and then proceeded to feast and scratch the dirt out of almost every planter. We've fixed the problem and are now enjoying our second crop of salad greens.
We *heart* enablers and our clever vandal too.


tam said...

Now THAT'S wealth (bleep!). To dig around in the dirt in your back yard and find food!

lu said...

how much time do you spend working in a garden that is this productive? Do you have any suggesions for a container salad garden?

ashmae said...

so great!!!