Monday, March 09, 2009

Susan Krueger Barber

Sus is my neighbor, my favorite 4 -year-old's mother, her ward's primary song leader, an activist, and my best friend. I am always amazed by her.

Susan tackles the complexity of motherhood in her art with soul, intelligence, and wit.

Here are some of her recent works:

Breast Feeding Advent Calendar


Suckle ShowNight WakingJungle Gymnurstics
Postpartum ProvocationCheck out her website here.

This weekend Sus flew to her art opening in NYC. Back at home, her 4-year-old and I were at the Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll. We practiced donating money to the galleries. Our mantra was "no donation is too small (or too large)!" and "You're never too young (or too old) to donate!"

Notice that Mr. Generous never touches the money but tips my hand to donate. He reminded me that his mama taught him money is too dirty for little kids. He is an ace rememberer and budding art patron!



lu said...

excellent art, excellent friendship, and excellent hair cut!

tam said...

Yeah, actually, I agree about the haircut! You look amazing.

As a deep appreciator of Susan's art, I am glad that she had a show and want to hear about that too. Inversion hits home, no? Makes me tremble and then cry.

AzĂșcar said...

I really want to own Separation Anxiety.

Like, a lot.