Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where there was Nothing...

...there's now a sewing nook!
This space was carved from the dark and dreary attic. The original builders must have been TALL and thought that the space was unusable? (I love being shortish.)
Yes, that's a small pile of my hair on the desk. I now have very short hair. (Remember, short=good.)These built in shelves are two feet deep. I still need to baptize and annoint, I mean organize my lovely sewing nook.


Cassandra Barney said...

Eeekk! It's beautiful! YOU are so cool. I'm going to say... you're livin' the dream.

Geo said...

Wow, wow.

janise said...

i love the sewing nook! live the life you're in and LOVE it!
fivefootfive RULES!!

Amy Beatty said...

You are amazing at making everything you touch so perfect, comfy and cozy!! I love it all!!

Odd as Shoes said...

I agree with Amy. You're amazing, Quelly. And I still remember exactly how that room smells. Mmm! Good memories!