Thursday, March 05, 2009

Woolly Excursion- Part III

Woolly Excursions part I and part II.Ollie is wearing my first hand spun and knit sample. Most of it is the lovely local rambouillet wool but the first two dark gray rows are combed alpaca.

This is my carding and spinning station. It's really close to our bed as Spinning is r e l a x i n g, even sleep inducing. We bought the used spinning wheel at Three Wishes in West Jordan where I took a spinning class from a wonderful teacher, Jill.
Some people spin every night to help them wind down. Watch my favorite instructional video to see why. (thanks for finding it Ollie and James!)

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tam said...

Gritty! My friend told me about another cool spinning video that his sister was in. Here's the link:

And I love love LOVE the photos of the new house! AND the fact the your blog is back!!! Hallelujah!