Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party

Hibiscus is grown in our living room and makes a great tea with wild rose hips that we harvest from Rock Canyon.And dandelion tea? It makes me feel like I'm drinking sunshine. This batch was gathered on Easter day by many hands and before we knew it our neighbors' lawns ran out of dandelions! Thankfully the next day there was a whole new batch of blossoms.
p.s "Happy" tax day! (as in i will be happy when this day becomes tomorrow!) and yes i am somewhat cracking a joke by talking about tea today.

i wish my taxes all went straight to the teachers.


marymary said...

How do you make dandelion tea? I'm looking outside at the snow and thinking I wouldn't mind drinking sunshine.

GrittyPretty said...

hi marymary- steep the flowers in barely boiling water and for 20 minutes (really, i steep it until its the right temperature to drink). and then strain (we use a handy french press). i add a bit of cream. ollie adds a bit of agave nectar. cheers!

tam said...

Amazing photos, Gritty. I scheduled my tests to I know for sure that the plans for June will work out- short as they are, I'm really really looking forward to it--especially when I see pictures like that.

Teresa said...

Sounds good, but I don't think I dare try it on my own. Can I come have tea at your house? :)

Geo said...

My grandpa was a winemaker, and my mom once made a big batch of dandelion wine . . . I've always wanted to make some—just for cooking, of course! But dandelion tea? Why, I've got a yard full of the stuff! Good idea!

Will you please excuse Rob and me this evening from the gluten-free brownie party? We were planning to drop in and eat you out of house and home, but I was up most of last night, and today's been a really sick day for me. I'm sorry to have missed out on your famous hospitality, not to mention chocolate (which, by the way, keeps me up at night, so we come full circle). I hope we can rendezvous again for almost guilt-free sweets.