Thursday, May 07, 2009


There's a Man who i watch sleep at night. He does not wake up when I stroke his hair or let my finger ski down his nose and crash land on his chin. Even when i press his cheeks in search of dimples or lift and then drop his heavy arm HE DOES NOT WAKE UP! 

Why? Why does he not wake up? 

Because he gave the day everything he had.

Happy Birthday O'lover. Thank you for being born. You are my true love.

your happy wife

p.s. Ollie, thank you for sprouting grain and making your own starter and trying every trick under the sun to bake bread that a grain allergic gal can eat. You are a miracle worker!!!

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tam said...

Great post, Gritty! I agree "Ollie" really does give it all to every day, huh?