Thursday, May 14, 2009

Since the news that the hen ordinance had been VETOED...

I've been referring to the ladies as political refugees. I know, so dramatic, but they are an integral part of our homestead and the thought of turning them over to willing friends' who live in a different city was...NO CAN DO. Fortunately, after speaking to Helen of the Mayor's Office, I've learned the hens are safe, for now, and hopefully forever. There's some ordinance tweaking going on and Provo may yet end up with a great urban hen ordinance.

Meanwhile the ladies continue to eat our kitchen scraps, our neighbors' kitchen scraps and even the Campus Plaza Apartments' kitchen scraps that Janise (pictured below) collects and regularly delivers on her bike. The never ending task of weeding continues ever so much more satisfactorily when you know the hens will be thrilled to feast on the greens. Spreading the chicken manure in our garden beds is a joy when you know you're using the best soil amendment for Utah's high ph.

and even though we have plenty of eggs we still buy eggs from Provo's Farmers Market as a novelty because check out Honey's good sized brown egg compared to a giant goose egg from Ralph Steele's booth.

Brings new meaning to a one-egg omelet.

Signed with a prayer,
May concerns about ordinance details be ironed out promptly