Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Phasing out the Grass

I checked out Front Yard Gardens from the Provo Library a couple of years ago and loved it so much that I then checked it out again and lent it to my test the waters. One must be careful about disrupting the lawnscape of a neighborhood...And though they didn't know it, I was ANXIOUS to learn of their verdict. How would they feel about more garden and less grass?

THEY LOVED IT! (They're also the neighbors that suggested we tear down the fence between our yards and share a miniature Jersey cow so...)

S l o w l y over the years we've been carving garden space into the lawn.
Last year we planted rhubarb, watermelons, and squashes amongst many flowers and dwarf fruit trees.
Yesterday, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I planted tons of bright red Mexican Sunflowers.
And next week we're planting these cool seeds courtesy of our friend Thailer Bushman.
We're going to be growing these by the front porch.

This pic of the cottage was taken today. What else to plant in between the perennials...



djinn said...

Ha ha, we've taken all of the grass out of the front, the median strip, and one side. Of course we have (had) much less lawn than you, but still....

djinn said...

I got some amazing landscape roses (uh, not edible, but very pretty) to put in the median strip last fall. They're doing great in our harsh Portland weather.