Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

The last three weeks have been non-stop guests at the cottage. And I can't seem to be with my nieces and nephews and keep house at the same time. Our living room is a nest of mattresses, there are craft projects everywhere...we LOVE it!

Today everyone is in Salt Lake except for me and O'lover. The cottage is in need of some major attention before the whole city descends upon downtown Provo for the 4th of July party. I better get cleaning but first

here's a note about a very different day in the life of a housewife...a day much colder with a splash of good old-fashioned American civil disobedience.

A blustery day last December-
Started off with visiting the Utah Offices of the Bureau of Land Management. I didn't know it then but while I was outside holding AJ's sign, Tim de Christopher was inside following his conscience. Later, the U.S. Secretary of the Department of Interior deemed the BLM's sales of public lands illegal. YAY!!! And the former director of the BLM, Patrick Shea, is Tim de Christopher's lawyer. (Aside: once Oliver and I had lunch with Patrick Shea and told him all about this, which he likes very much.)
After the BLM we went to the Black Sheep Wool Company for gorgeous yarns and expert help. Here AJ is wearing a hat she dyed and felted and a scarf she wove.

And now off to sweat it out on a ladder to repair some peeling house trim, Happy Fourth of July!!!



pamela said...

happy fourth to you!

and on a light, much too light note, i adore the outfit you are wearing while you hold the protest sign.

GrittyPretty said...

thanks pamela!