Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween highlights...

include dancing in duane's studio til i got so hot that my wig and wings had to go. 10 points
For the Call's Halloween Eve party I was the Angel of Death and Oliver was an Amazonian Shaman. This year's costumes were home made with stuff we already had lying around the cottage including a speedo and a set of curtains. 10 points.The next night for Halloween Proper at the Farmhouse we wore the same costumes but this time I was a Dark Angel and Oliver was a Luchador. Ha! That's called re-purposing! 10 points! We made my wings from baling wire and stash fabric. Another ten points.Oliver's beak was made from paper scraps. 5 points. Oliver wearing a speedo in public...10 million points. (Thanks Ollie!)Hot trekkie sighting...10 points.Tabitha casts her spell with a wink....10 pointsand a bottle of beer...10 points. Me not knowing what duff was...minus 20 points.We had the after-party party at the cottage. The robots seen below were some of the main people behind the movie Killer at Large (think Food, Inc.) It was so cool to talk to them about about a shared passion...local food! 500 points!!!
We scored this halloween!
Wearing my wings everywhere i go for the next few days? 10 billion points!!!!!!!!!!!!