Friday, November 13, 2009


My days in Chicago look something like this:
Baby Zigzag and I take the pinkline to Damen. Aside: Everyone says my niece Zigzag looks like me. It's true! Her eyes slant up just like mine! It's a recessive gene thing.
From the Damen station we see hoophouses and compost bins on a new roof top garden. I'm impressed because I can see they plan to heat the gravel under their hoophouses with warm air passively pumped through a tube.then Zigzag and I paid a visit to SLOW, a gallery started by SAIC/BYU alumnus Paul Hopkins. We came after hours so we'll try again...through the windows the show looks good.
Then we went to the Textile Discount Company- an enormous warehouse full of absurdly discounted fabrics!!! This is where the burlesque/belly dancers get their costume fabric. I know this because I read the online reviews.
The warehouse is endless, 3 stories of cheap cheap beautiful fabric and trims of every kind. So cheap they might as well be giving it away. I did not leave empty handed.
Then we zigzagged to my sister Tam's research lab so that she didn't have to pump but could get some quality feeding time with her babe. My little sister is awesome.
It was already dark when Zigzag and I picked up Mr T from his school which is very close to this Dubuffet sculpture. This is Mr. T right after his Gym Stars class. Mr. T combed his hair forward with his fingers to do his "shimmy shake" dance.
This is Mr T's friend who really wanted me to take a picture of him.
And then we zigzagged home and Mr. T did the shimmy shake about 10 times before bedtime. And Zigzag? She just looks around with her slanty eyes...being cute.

Besos! and Happy Friday the 13th! and Happy Birthday to Heather of Moonshinejunkyard!!! and Christian from TheOtherSampsons!!! I wish my birthday was on Friday the 13th!!!!! (but it's on Saturday the 14th). =)