Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yang for the New Year!

I'm setting up boxing matches. Anyone want to fight?

(And by "fight" i mean design cool satin shorts with your initials appliqued on them and attached sequins to t-shirts. Oh! and no hitting each other's pretty noses OUCH!...but YES to floating like a butterfly and stinging like bees. Have you ever been stung by a bee? It is not that big a deal and I've been stung by five at a time (we've had bee hives.)

Actually I'm slightly allergic to bees and I swell up when stung but it's still not a big deal.

Back to boxing.

E-mail me and we'll put you on the schedule.
If you have an idea about how we should wear costumes while fighting even BETTER!

There's a girls boxing club in sugarhouse called Boxing is For Girls. It's run by Eliza who could kick ANYONE'S trash. Remember Ivan Drago, the blonde russian from Rocky IV? Who struck fear in all our hearts and made Rocky IV the most popular in the franchise? Eliza could kick his trash.

So these are the people that i challenge to fight and notice i'm picking people who are tough:

Churnings and Burnings
NoelleO Designs
Independence Andi

so e-mail me and we will discuss when, where, and decide all of the details.

laying off my new eggnog habit and saying yes to jumping rope