Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You

Thank you dear ones for all of the supportive and informative words/e-mails. I had no idea how much adoption has touched the lives of people around me!! I haven't written more about it because this blog, this post has covered it all so beautifully and accurately. That blog represents! Unique to our situation is I see Rachel every day. She is wonderful!! low key, game for adventures. we get along. I've known her her whole life. From the first moment I met her I was instantly wowed by her gorgeousness and felt total joy that she was born!! And while all of that is forefront in my heart and mind...this is what else is going on:
  • the cottage is under a 110 foot tall cottonwood tree that is loudly dropping its catkins and enveloping us in a cloud of pollen. While Ollie is unphased, Um, i am sensitive to that pollen. i'm gulping down troughs of stinging nettle infusion WHICH HELPS SO MUCH. We field tripped into the hills to harvest and transplant some nettle into our garden. Growing our own will save us about twenty bucks a month! (I like that.)
  • working steadily on the beehive bazaar. i am sharing a table with an awesome friend, Edie, so the pressure is somewhat off as she has plenty of crafty magic going on- but i am doing my best to have lots to show and sell too. I keep making new things for our booth, including june sucker fish clutches, new dolls, treehouse pillows.

p.s. thanks again. you're swell.