Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birth Story

This is Rachel, Ezra's birth mom. Rachel is in labor in this picture. She chose to have the baby at our house. Behind the scenes Oliver is running around getting the birth tub ready while I am calling the midwives.During transition, as contractions took over, Rachel went into a self-hypnotic state. She never panicked. No one panicked- we were all living in a state of grace. Even when we had to take Ezra to the NICU shortly after he was born, the grace flowed abundantly.

Ezra is perfectly healthy now. This is Rachel holding him the day Oliver and I brought Ezra home from the hospital. They're sitting in the very spot she gave birth.
And now? More than a month later?

It's still grace. and kisses. and holding this growing boy and cooing incessantly.