Monday, August 30, 2010


Last summer I swiped the above broadleaf plantain (considered a common weed) from the Farrer Elementary schoolyard and planted it in my garden. Oliver had been bitten by a hobo spider and I never wanted to be caught without the best remedy- plantain-oh how i love you so!
Fast forward to this past week when Oliver was bitten SIX TIMES by Hobo spiders!
We have been applying plantain poultices and he's been ok and last night he looked much better.

Oliver's taken this all good-naturedly. And he's just glad that the baby and I haven't had any run-ins with pests.

And dude. I know there are all kinds of angels from which to model our behavior. But today vengeance was mine. As soon as our little sir closed his eyes for a nap I armed myself and went outside. Any spider residing on the cottage (they'd already been given fair warning!) was drowned or smashed - sometimes with my bare hands! Cause no one messes with my Ollie!

Let this stand as a testament that sometimes it's not just Oliver taking care of me- I can take care of him too!