Saturday, September 04, 2010

Songs for Ezra

Dear Ezra,
Your pa wrote a song for you. It's your name song.
Your birth mom wrote a glorious song for you. Glorious.
And you get Spanish lullabies and made up diddies about poopy diapers, bath time, and burping from me!

Other singers to you include Sus who can perform Primary songs like everybody's business, your nona who sings about you getting married to "una seniorita de San Nicolas", your uncles will surround you with Soul tunes, and your Nina and grand Pappi will give you an appreciation for everything else, right now they're especially into bruce springsteen.

Dude, we've got all the bases covered.

your Mommy

p.s. This is some of your birth family (at night so the lighting is off) singing your name song written by your pa. We sing it over and over 'til you enter the land of good dreams.