Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A peek at the playroom/sewing room

It was a feeling that wouldn't go away. There was something wrong with the flow of our house. And then when we discovered that Ezra slept through the night at Nina's house but not at home I googled "fengshui northeast bedroom" and received tons of information about how it was the worst part of the house to sleep in and would cause insomnia. (yup, for years we've tried to sleep in that corner of the house whether upstairs or down. not anymore!) We've changed everything! And it feels so much better.
here's a peek at some of the changes. The downstairs northeast room is now our playroom/sewing room.
(See the cowboy boots? They go back three generations to Poppy Charles. Ezra LOVES them.)

If you're having troubles sleeping in the northeast room i read there's tons of much simpler remedies that don't include completely changing everything.=)

Sweet slumber from here on out!