Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tick Tock

Ezra spitting out some pineapple. Too sour!

These are some pics momma mia sent (taken on a cell phone) of a recent dinner with some family i haven't seen in waaaay too long.  Love you Cousin Christy! and Tori!

Other things of late: 
  • Went to a smashing bash hosted by Ash Sanders. Saw many gorgeous folk with "hearts too big for their rib cages"
  • Ezra and I follow busy O'lover around while he visits clients. We just need to be together- all three of us!
  • Preparing to do the inner work of claiming all that 2011 has brought and letting it all work for good in my heart. The celebrations of this time of year (michaelmas, martinmas, my birthday, thanksgiving, festivals of light) always get me excited for endings and beginnings! 
  • Ezra and I walked around in the dark and cold smelling dormant plants, and crushing seed pods. James is playing Christmas music and Ollie is making magic hot cocoa. Happy Solstice everyone!