Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hey Ez, It's your birthday party! 

Things I will remember about the evening: 
Nona came early to help (thank you!), 
Ezra went around hugging everyone's legs (as if he was just so happy that everyone was there! what a cute host!), 
Grandma Ch showed us how to stuff the marshmallows with chocolate for perfect s'mores, 
Ezra knew exactly how to work the handmade puppet by Grandma C, 
Nina made everyone feel so loved, 
Poppy's present to Ezra made Ezra say "AWE. SOME." five times in a row. (i'd never heard Ezra say awesome ever.) 
Ezra went around with a watering can that Mama Rach gave him asking everyone to bow their heads and then he would pretend sprinkle our heads- like he was baptizing us all. 
And when I suggested it was time for bed. Ezra turned to always empathetic Amy (who is almost his aunt! as she is engaged to Andy!) and pleaded with her to please save him from bedtime. But Ezra was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.