Sunday, June 03, 2012


Ezra and I went on the Dance Walk organized by SceneSister. SO MUCH FUN! We started at the county courthouse and danced along the gallery stroll route. So many families came out and danced. 

Plus Spidey beat up the bad guys and then proposed to his girlfriend.
People dressed as fruit, Em busting moves.
 We danced past a wedding reception so the bride and groom came out to join us.
Reconnected with friends from college Beth and Davey (of CrazyUs ). Their sweet boys took Ezra under their wing. Beautiful people!

Visited the goats that feed Ezra. Ezra is allergic to cows' milk (yes, even raw cows milk) and even hypo-allergenic formula so the goats have saved us after the first six months of benefitting from generously donated human breast milk. Someday I will post the slightly altered Nourishing Traditions recipe we've been using for our own homemade formula.
Thank you dear goats!
The Utah Lake Festival

Hayride through the Utah Lake park.
One of our nightly hootennannies. We just PLAY (or pound.)