Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Look Around the Garden

My favorite way of making medicine is brewing herbs. Most people preserve with glycerine or 100 proof vodka. Nothing wrong with those methods I just prefer brewing from scratch; it is such a beautiful way of activating and preserving medicinal plants.
Linden flowers are on!

Yarrow from our garden. When brewed, yarrow is called "the artist's herb". Yup.

The wildcrafted elderflowers from our local mountains. Very active!
Also drying for tea stinging nettle, elderflowers, and lavender is for other uses.
Next need to harvest honeysuckle flowers. So many great uses! The scent is so heady in the back yard, especially at night! Can you tell that the honeysuckle is being trained into an arch?
For breakfast we've been having either smoothies or pancakes. For smoothies we're using the following herbs: evening primrose leaves, sorrel, horseradish leaves (so mild!), lovage, salad barnett, raspberries, strawberries, and homemade yogurt from local raw cow's milk. Ezra and I do fine with dairy if it's yogurt. 
 For pancakes I've been sprouting wheat berries, drying them and grinding them into flour and then soaking in the yogurt- so much easier to digest.

Ezra is a s'mores pro!
 Our new lady, Inez, seems to be getting along just fine with Bridget and Beverly Simone.
 The roses.
 Swan, Ezra, and Dristi.
 Ezra adores Swan.
 More Swan and Ez.
 Climbed Hagrid, the box elder maple, to get this pic of the back garden including some construction for a brick patio outside the back studio.
 And Ezra's treehouse. I know there's no shortage of treehouse pics on this blog but I really love this one James took.