Monday, July 16, 2012

A Couple Things

First, I love these pictures my brother Smitty took of the cottage.
The honey bee in mid-flight? 
And the glorious mountain range towering over us. 
Secondly, my twentieth high school reunion is this summer (Provo High School class of '92). *Egad!

Do you go to your class reunions? 

I'm considering...though high school has been mightily eclipsed by much more brilliant happenings. Plus, the friends who made a difference during those years? We're still (semi) in-touch.

But still, It's time to reflect! 

if only a tiny bit. Twenty years!

And I'm reflecting at Girls in a Tight Place

Cause *Yowzers! EVERYTHING has changed. 

*Lind Williams was my English teacher and would write things like "Egad!" and "Yowzers!" in the margins of our essays.

My senior picture. bangs.

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