Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sibling Heaven

Here we sit; three siblings gathered for a family reunion on the fourth of July. 
Full of gladness 'though the absence of my little brother was felt. 
Aside: As per our reunion tradition TamTam and I always sneak around the corner and switch clothes in the middle of the event. YAY for Hello Kitty! Notice Tam's wearing my shirt backwards haha!
And later in the morning I snap pics of Momma Mia and Smitty innocently watching the parade and wondering why I was jumping up and down and squealing while taking pics of them.
 Can you see a surprise in the background?
 Momma put two and two together and realized what surprise was about to be revealed!
 Marcos! The missing sibling! 
All FOUR brothers and sisters together!!!!

As kids we would dream of growing up and building houses with all of our backyards connecting. I'm not giving up on that dream.