Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ezra has been gaining skills; from commandeering household tasks to almost being able to ride a bike that i thought was much too big and out of the question. See for yourself!

Ezra stirring the natural yeast sourdough starter gifted to us by Liz.

 Serving up everyones' delicious chili that awesome Kate made for a recent dinner. 10 bowls of chili without spilling.

Visiting the second story of Claire's treehouse.
 watching the bears at Hogle Zoo.

 the zoo train. (dear Kate, every time i see a train i remember your story about a certain peace train coming up in an unusual context.)

Friend Jean Marshall, whose art clothes i've admired immensely, came over recently and made a pattern from a skirt that Atali gave me. While we were pattern making she told me all about Tasha Tudor visiting Provo! 
i will try to get better pics of the skirts made from that pattern; because it really is a unique template that  includes shapes you would not guess belong to a skirt. 
(thanks Jennifer for sending me the striped shirts from Germany-i've been wearing them all summer!)