Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ez is considerately throwing pieces of imaginary bread to everyone from a picture of bread in his Max and "Wooby" book.

Happy things:

  • a sizzling skillet full of garden bounty
  • Uncles reading to Ezra
  • Liz who is a beaming earth momma; she was made for this mothering gig!
  • Ezra helping around the kitchen. He won't let anyone (besides himself) touch the hand crank wheat grinder.
  • And Ollie giving me a non-toxic ink tattoo. He gave me a basic affirmation "I know what my purpose in life is". i think i was born knowing my particular purposes but maybe i've meandered and almost forgotten plus one's visions transform and evolve, don't they? It's good to be quiet and contemplate one's meaning and purpose within the mystery of this life.
  • Also, have you heard of MoGo living? MoGo stands for "most good". Zoe Wiel is a true inspiration. She wrote the book "Above All, Be Kind; Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times" and trains people to be "humane educators who teach about the pressing issues of our time and inspire people to work for change while making healthy, humane, and restorative choices in their daily lives." Here's her TED talk--one of the takeaway quotes "my life is my message".